Get to know me

Hello lovers! Welcome!


If you've made it this far, I'm sure you aware that my name is Alex! I use the pro-nouns she/her. I am by no means an expert at inclusivity, but I am continually learning and growing and hope you feel comfortable to be your true selves around me. 

I am a mum, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend. All of these different aspects of my own life contribute hugely to the role I play on your special day, I like to think I'll become part of your own family in a way, and that you feel at ease and comfortable with someone you can think of as a friend rather than some scary and straight faced legal person. 


I am an emotional being, and my emotions creep out of me without any warning or control. I will laugh with my whole body, and I can't promise that I won't well up during your personal vows, or when I look at your mum in the crowd, (or when I meet you for the first time and start opening up parts of your lives to me - as many of my couples can confirm) BUT I can promise you that whenever you think back to your special day - it will be full of feelings and memories of love, laughter and warmth. 


Those closest to me would describe me as a lover. I love love, I love fiercely and fully and forever. I believe love can come in many forms, and there is not a one box fits all with this thing. Love is many things, and looks different for many people, and that is the beauty in it. When talking with old friends and family, I am reminded that I have always loved love, and how celebrating love as a Marriage Celebrant and being a representative of ALL love is my true calling.


Each couple that I am lucky enough to marry, holds a very special place in my soppy sentimental heart. And I hope I do too, in yours! Your wedding day is at its core about the two of you - who you are as a couple, and also who you are individually. Your wedding day should be a reflection of that, as should your celebrant. I will encourage and remind you of this the whole way through, and what you should end up with at the end, is a day full of love, and laughter, and all the things that you make you two who you are together.  A day that feels authentically YOU. 


I became a registered Marriage Celebrant in April 2019 and ever since have been marrying lovers all across Perth, the South West and surrounds, it really is the best 'job' out there! I get to hang out with some really lovely humans (who are always in a good mood). Over the last decade I have worked in various industries which I believe led me to this role, after some starts aligning. All of this experience, in catering, photography, management and events - have given me a solid grounding and knowledge base of the wedding industry, and to assist you on your day!

So, there's a smidgen about me. I am (or try my hardest to always be) understanding, relatable and calm in the face of pressure. If you're after a fresh, laid back human, who will have a giggle with you and make you feel at ease and relaxed on YOUR special day, then I may just be that human for you... lets find out :)